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13 Best Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful ones. From making sure everything from the venue to the food and music is perfect to wanting to look your absolute best, there is a lot on your plate. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few things you can do before the wedding to make sure that the actual day of the wedding is a little less stressful. One of these things is to decide your look in advance. So to make one aspect of that day slightly easier, we have come up with some of the best hairdos you can opt for. Here are 13 Best Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day.

When it comes to your wedding day, there is a wide variety of hairstyles you can choose from. But you want something that will look great without taking much effort to maintain throughout the day. You won’t be stopping around for hair fixes now, would you? Another thing you need to keep in mind is to make sure while picking a hairstyle for your wedding day that it goes along with your dress, the atmosphere of your celebration and your overall comfort level.

Up-Do With Flowers

A Woman Wearing her Hair in an Updo with Flowers

For a look that is easy to carry, yet gives your hair a touch of romance, opt for a bun that is slightly undone. Then add some flowers along the bun. A good idea would be to use some fresh flowers that go with the theme of your wedding, but otherwise, small white blooms almost always do the trick.

Hidden Hairpiece

One of the best ways to take any elegant up-do to the next level is by adding a subtle hair piece to your hair. Generally, the best way to do this is by placing it above your bun on the back of your head. However, you can do whatever feels right to you. The important thing is to get that extra touch of sparkle that catches everyone’s attention throughout the day.

Sides Pulled Back

This is one of those looks that always works. It is easy to do, effortless to carry through the day goes with almost anything and, most importantly, it looks gorgeous. For an extra touch, you can add some tiny pieces of jewelry or some small flowers you picked up from the venue along with the locks.

Elaborate Headdress

Another hairdo that you can modify according to the theme of your wedding. Get yourself an elaborate headdress that is designed just for you. You can either wear it with a bun or leave your hair down, as long as the focus remains on the hairpiece.

Loose Ponytail With Volume

This low-maintenance hairstyle boasts romance. Remember that it is okay for the ponytail to look a little messy in order to pull off this look. You can also add a statement hairpiece or some flowers for an extra romantic vibe.

Sleek Ballerina Bun Topknot

If you think that this iconic look is only for the ballrooms, then think again. It is actually on of the most versatile and easy to carry wedding hairstyles and basically works for any venue. So let your inner ballerina have some fun with this fun and gorgeous topknot.

Side Swept

This romantic look pulls the focus on your face while still making your hair look stunning. It is effortless to maintain and a pair of statement earrings can complete the look.

Silky Straight Hair

Sometimes the best route you can go is opting for silky straight beautiful hair. This is another look that doesn’t overshadow your face and makes everything look and feel easy.

woman and man getting marriedCurls

Although these are basically the opposite of silky straight hair, curls can also be just as effortless. For most people, curls are easier to carry than maintaining silky smooth hair. So if you’re one of those people, maybe opting for this look would be a better option.

Fishtail Braids

If you don’t want to leave your hair down because you think it will get in the way, but also don’t want to commit to a full up-do, then this is the middle-ground for you. Pull your hair into a structured yet beautiful braid. The great thing about fishtail twists is that you can leave it a little undone for the best look, and you don’t have to worry about your hair getting frizzy. In fact, the messier it gets, the better you will look.

Flower Crown

One of the best accessories you can use to amp up your wedding look is a flower crown. The possibilities with this simple piece of accessory are endless. From simple greens to colorful flowers, there is a huge variety of options to pick from. The best way to style your hair with a flower crown is by curling it into loose waves and leaving it down so that the focus will remain on your hairpiece.

Up-Do With a Tiara: A Woman Wearing a Crown over a Twisted Bun

To feel like royalty, you can add a tiara to your look. Twist your hair back into either a slick bun or a twisted bun and secure it on the nape of your neck. Now, add a tiara to truly look like a princess on your big day.

Long, Smooth Waves

If the thought of carrying an elaborate hairdo scares you a little, then this is just the right look for you. Show off your hair by rocking these gorgeous smooth waves. Make sure your stylist sprays some frizz-fighting product through your hair to maintain the look throughout the day.

It all comes down to remembering that this is your big day, and the most important part is that you feel comfortable so you can enjoy it without worrying. So when you pick your final look for the wedding, make sure that it is something you like and will be okay carrying through the event. All the best for your big day!

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