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4 Self-Care Grooming Tips for Men

Men’s Self Care Routine

Grooming yourself to look good isn’t self-importance, it is self-respect. And that goes the same for men as much it does for women. Most men, when they hear the words self-care or grooming, groan with annoyance at the thought of struggle and not to mention the money it requires.

The good news is that even doing the bare essentials can do a bang-up job in self-care grooming. The idea is not to spend an absolute fortune on beauty products or lock yourself in the bathroom for hours. It is in fact, about doing a few quick and simple things that make you look prim and proper!

Glamifornia, a Malibu beauty salon, has 4 simple tips to help you step up your grooming routine and achieve a fresh new look.

Tip#1: Plucking Your Eyebrows

Are you one among many men whose eyebrows look like an unweeded garden? Well, you must know that unruly eyebrows can do a great deal of disservice to the biggest hits of your looks — eyes and facial symmetry. Not only will it draw attention from your best features but it will also make you look unkempt.

Plucking once in a while can be good enough. But in the case of a unibrow, it might need help more frequently. Waxing and trimming can also be the way to go for you. Even if your eyebrows are just the right shape and size, use a little hair gel to fix them.


Tip#2: Visiting Your Barbers Regularly

An incredibly important part of men’s self-care routine includes regular visits to your barber. Trust us, it is not just you who has noticed that your hair needs a trim, probably the whole town agrees with you. While monthly appointments might do it for some guys, for others their locks might seem to be in a growth spurt. If the latter is the case, triweekly or even fortnightly visits should not surprise you.

On the other hand, if your hair is thinning, the best tip is to own up to it. Do not hide it with elaborate styling as at the end of the day. Instead, it is better to cut it short or shave it entirely and embrace the new look. Your barber and stylist have your best interest in mind so ask for their honest opinion and let them choose a look that’s best suited for you!


Tip#3: Boyzilians

In a man’s self-care routine, grooming body hair can be personal to a great extent. Whether you want to get rid of it completely or go for just trimming, it all depends on your preference. The options that you have in manscaping include trimming, shaving, or waxing.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert at it ⁠— doing it for the first time or somewhere in between ⁠— it is a good time to make it a part of your grooming routine. Make sure to check trimming or shaving on your manscaping list. Today, boyzilians are becoming more and more popular so don’t be embarrassed to seek some professional help. A proper waxing can ensure an even and irritation-free trim!


Tip#4: Getting Facials

Before you skip this one, we’re here to tell you that there are no points for adulting by using the same bar of soap all through the years. Facials might seem like an extravagance to the average Joe, but perhaps you got the wrong end of the stick. In fact, facials are one of the most important parts of a man’s self-care routine.

The truth is, you don’t even have to get facials too often to get big results. While an ideal choice should be getting a facial every four to six weeks, that is in no way a hard and fast rule. A good place to start is to get one at the change of seasons to prepare your skin for all weather changes ahead. Think of this as a power wash for your face! For generations, facials have been used as a way to detox. Every facial should start with a deep and thorough cleansing of your skin.


For a long time, lack of self-care was associated with masculinity, but gone are the days of neglect! Self-care and grooming are now an honored art amongst most men. Even if you can’t follow all the tips at once, start off by taking the first step toward maintaining a male grooming routine. You will find that not only do you look better, but you will also feel better too!

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