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8 Ways to Spice Up Your Life For Fall

1. Make Small Changes To Your Wardrobe
Fall notoriously is the season for bulky sweaters and leather booties. In Malibu, we don’t experience the dramatic change of seasons, but we still get to celebrate this time of year with our wardrobe. Throw on an old denim jacket or splurge on a cute pair of ankle booties. But, there’s no excuse not to participate in the fall fashion trends.

2. Add Candles To Your Room
Nothing reminds me of fall more than the smell of pumpkin spice, hot cocoa, and cinnamon. Adding or replacing candles in your bedroom, will without a doubt bring you comfort this season. Here are a few favorites from our team at Glamifornia… The Voluspa Baltic Amber Jar Candle smells of sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla orchid. This earthy candle makes you feel as if you are huddled by a campfire at your grandparents cabin in the woods. Next up, imagine the scent of your house when a fresh apple pie is baking in the oven. You have just described the Apple Cinnamon candle from The Burning Magnolia Co. Regardless of your candle selection this season, we hope you remember the power scent has on an individual’s emotions. After all, it’s the small things in life that count.

3. Order Fall Drinks From Your Local Coffee Shop
One of the greatest parts about fall is that it brings people together. Call up a friend or family member and invite them to coffee this week. Some of our favorite spots in Malibu include Caffe Luxxe and Cafe de La Plage. Additionally, you can’t go wrong with a Starbucks White Mocha Frappuccino or Pumpkin Spice Latte.

4. Change Your Nail Color
The fall color palette is back! If that’s not an excuse to get your nails done, I don’t know what is. We are so excited about the variety of color options in our Style Lounge right now. Come visit us at Glamifornia to get a new forest green or burgundy manicure.

5. Add Lowlights
The fall breeze, chilly nights, and shorter days signify the transition into winter. Even if Malibu stays sunny all year round, let people know what season it really is by showing off your new hairdo. Balayage is often known for adding sunkissed highlights. However, at Glamifornia we often use balayage to add ombre lowlights.

6. Bake Cinnamon Spice Everything
One of the best parts about fall is the food. Grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s turns into a memorable holiday excursion. The endless options of pumpkin treats, cinnamon rolls, and apple pies can become overwhelming, in the best way possible. Don’t let the busyness of fall get in the way of a relaxing night at home. Turn on some tunes, light a candle, take a bubble bath, and get baking!

7. Room Decor
Making simple adjustments to your bedroom can make a dramatic difference. One easy way to spice up your room is by adding autumn decor such as throw pillows, a plush blanket, or a wreath.

8. Switch Your Everyday Makeup Palette to Fall Colors
We all get stuck in routine. It’s completely understandable and can be daunting to apply bright or flashy eyeshadow colors. We challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try out an autumn palette. Come into our studio and we can help color match you!