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9 Family Friendly Destinations in Malibu

Within the 21-mile stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway of Malibu, you can find various activities to enjoy. From amazing beaches to many great places to explore and play, a delicious assortment of foods and going wine tasting, as well as a happening nightlife – Malibu has it all.

However, if you plan on taking your kids on a great road trip through PCH, then the number of places you can visit narrow down. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you have to reconsider your plans, as the city still has some great activities for you.

So here are some of the best family-friendly destinations in Malibu.

Malibu Pier

Malibu has two piers; one that is open to the public and one that isn’t. The great thing, however, is that the public pier is the one that holds historical importance. It’s an icon of the region built way back in 1905 and is the perfect place for taking a leisurely stroll. Walking down the pier, you will come across various shops that will offer everything from food to clothes, gifts, etc. If you enjoy fishing, you will also find a shop here to buy some fishing gear before enjoying the activity on the pier itself.

Malibu Surfrider Beach

It is no secret that beaches are the primary attractions of Malibu and are the main reason tourists flock to the place. So, of course, skipping the beaches wouldn’t be a great idea. If you have kids with you, then Surfrider Beach is a great place to visit. It has clean water, and tide pools appear whenever the tide is low, revealing amazing marine life for you and your family to explore. Just walking along the sand will help you discover fascinating rocks, shells, seaweed, and other great stuff you find at beaches. The beach is also a premier spot to watch surfers in action and is within walking distance from the Malibu Pier.

Corral Canyon Park

Another great but lesser-explored activity in Malibu is hiking. The Corral Canyon Park allows you to explore a trail that leads up to mesmerizing ocean and mountain views. Be sure to pack some hats, sunscreen, a picnic table, and refreshments for yourself and your family as you will really need these along the hike. Whenever you get hungry, you can secure a scenic spot to enjoy some snacks. As you start your journey back, you’ll be able to enjoy the views of the native grass, marsh, and Corral Creek.

Kristy’s Village

You can’t go around exploring mountains and beaches all the time. Sometimes, you want to sit and have a nice meal with your family while laughing and enjoying the moment. This casual dining spot located on the green in Trancas Country Market is the perfect eatery any parent could be looking for. It has ample seating space, both inside and out. So those particularly energetic and active kids can run around as much as they want without the parent having to force them to stay in place. And just like any good eatery, it has good food to accompany the great atmosphere.

The Getty Villa

This place, a replica of a Roman Villa, is filled with an incredible collection of art, some amazing gardens, and spectacular views. It also has a family room designed for kid-friendly activities, where kids can hunt for art treasure, draw and build their own Etruscan vases or take part in shadow play. This isn’t the kind of place that will pop up in your head when you think about Malibu, but exploring the wonders of the Greek, Roman, and Etrurian cultures are definitely worth a visit. Compared to other places in Malibu, this is also a lot calmer. So if you want to break from the noise, this is the perfect destination for you.

Historic Malibu Courthouse

Originally a single-story building, the now glamorous Glamifornia was once the Historic Malibu Courthouse. As Malibu began to grow in the 1930s, so did the need for law enforcement, and so in 1932, construction on the courthouse began. The building grew to meet the expanding town’s demands and soon included a sheriff’s station and a holding cell. The residents of that cell could have included John Dillinger, Bugsy Siegel, and Meyer Lansky!

This bohemian style lounge is a perfect family-friendly stop on the famous PCH. Get the whole family photo-ready with a fresh new trim, help the kids achieve their favorite Halloween look with hair and makeup, or stop by to visit the original holding cell!

Saddlerock Gardens

Yes, the basic purpose of visiting the Saddlerock Gardens is for wine hiking, which isn’t suitable for kids. However, it offers more than that. Although hiking is a fun activity for kids, when you take a trip to the Saddlerock Gardens, you also get to harvest fresh vegetables and fruits. Depending on the season, these include grapes, ripe citrus fruits, chilies, kales, etc. The best part? You get to take whatever you harvest home!

Leo Carrillo State Park

Another one of Malibu’s great natural scenic locations, the Leo Carrillo State Park, is the perfect spot to spend a night under the stars. It is located on the coast along the side of the PCH. So bring a tent, or rent an RV if you don’t feel too comfortable in a tent, pack some food and necessities, and plan a night out here. It also holds some historical significance for the city. The park was named after a legendary Broadway actor, Carrillo, whose actions as a conservationist are among the major influences in making Malibu the environmentally sound paradise it has become today.

Malibu Library

If you are looking for an indoor activity, then head straight to the Malibu Library. Aside from the obvious attraction of books, the library has an overall welcoming space and hosts several family-centered events and activities almost all the time. These events range from music time for toddlers, shows for older kids, and concerts and crafts that can be enjoyed by the entire family. You can check their calendar for events so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

So if you’re still confused about the holiday, stop thinking, pack your bags and take your family for an amazing trip to Malibu. With so many activities, you can easily get at least a week without even remembering what boredom feels like.

Local to the Malibu Area?

If you’re local to the Malibu are you may have heard of all of these family-friendly spots. However, did you know Glamifornia is the is a family-appproved space? Join us for our First Friday events or inquire about our beauty services for your little ones.