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A Local’s Guide to Shopping in Malibu

When you think of Malibu, you likely end up picturing endless blue beaches. However, even though Malibu is a small town at its heart, there is so much to do in the city. It has more than 20 distinct beaches, some of the country’s most exquisite hiking trails, a close-knit community of local-owned businesses, and a number of restaurants, fledging shops, and boutique hotels.

A trip to Malibu is incomplete without visiting the local stores to collect some accessories and other useful things. And if you’re a resident of Malibu, you should be spending all the more time in these shops.

Here are 7 Malibu shopping-destinations worth checking out.


If you are looking to find some Malibu-themed souvenirs to take back home, then this is the place you absolutely need to visit. You’ll find a variety of different products that reflect the beachy vibes, such as vintage suede jackets with fringe sleeves, tie-dye Kassia surf wetsuits, beeswax candles, as well as a good supply of crystals. Since Jobi Manson spent a year traveling through Africa before opening this store, you’ll also find some African-themed accessories, including vintage safari-themed coffee table books, prints of giraffes and lions that clutter the tables and shelves, and beaded necklaces.


Nestled inside Malibu’s original Courthouse. The Glamifornia Style Lounge is not your ordinary hair salon. Located on Pacific Coast Highway, Glamifornia Style Lounge uses the best hairstylists, makeup artists and wellness connoisseurs to make sure you look good and feel even better, and it doesn’t stop there! The boho lounge carries various unique art, beauty, fashion and wellness products designed and curated by local Malibu artisans. Shop stylish loungewear, handmade soy-candles, vintage Louis Vuitton handbags and more!


James Perse

The renowned architecture firm Marmol Radziner is behind this minimalistic boutique. The brand’s philosophy is clearly reflected in the sophisticated aesthetics of the interiors. You’ll find an amazing collection of clothes to purchase from this boutique. However, the interior and exteriors are so pretty that you may find yourself lounging on the furniture instead. They also have a ping pong table you can make use of to spend some time. This is one of the places in Malibu that you absolutely have to visit at least once.

Malibu Beach House

If you are looking to buy something to decorate your beach house – or any house for that matter – then a trip to Malibu beach house is absolutely necessary. The store is packed to the rafters with pillows, bedding, and throws done in intricate Shibori patterns and crisp shades of blue. They also have an endless supply of different candles, trinkets, and Cali-themed coffee-table books to choose from.

Wildfox Malibu


This contemporary women’s line designed in sunny L.A. embodies the effortless yet edgy California ethos! Wildfox is the ultimate line for the stylish set, from signature cozy sweaters to best-selling sunglasses. This brand gained popularity through retro-inspired collections and has become a favorite line among A-list celebrities and International Influencers.

Other important places that you should shop at include STARKx Malibu, The Malibu Colony Company, etc.

So next to you find yourself in Malibu, remember that it is much more than just 27 miles of scenic beauty. It may cover a small land area, but the city makes good use of what it has. And if you’re willing to explore through the hidden gems of the city, you are sure to find some great things.