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Glamifornia Style Lounge: An Indulgent, Efficient Beauty Destination

Malibu’s Glamifornia Style Lounge is a unique beauty, wellness, art, and fashion boho chic location showcasing celebrity hair, beauty and makeup artists who curate all of a customer’s needs.

“Define your beauty and fashion goals and let my elite team of professionals help you realize your dreams,” Proprietor Terah Tidy says. “My ingenious concept offers customers hair, color, extensions, massages, lashes, pedicures and manicures to help one curate her own unique style in one location ⁠— there is no need to go to one place to have your hair done, another for your nail services and yet another to get a massage ⁠— instead, my beauty curating agency provides one-stop service.” The concept provided by this Malibu beauty salon is simple, sophisticated, and stylish.

Glamifornia Style Lounge, Malibu’s premier beauty lounge, is on the pulse of the latest beauty and fashion wear trends. When one enters the GSL, she is greeted by Terah, an internationally recognized beauty expert, and her elite, professional team who provide a personalized style consultation to help a customer curate her entire personal style wear persona.

“If a customer cannot come into the GSL personally, we bring the beauty luxe to you,” Terah says. “Our team will come to serve customers at their own private location and provide beauty soirees where they, their friends and families can enjoy the full suite of services offered at the Style Lounge.”

The GSL can arrange for catering as well as bring the lovely jewelry and Glamifornia’s original style wear featured in its boutique. Customers enjoy a private beauty experience offered by the most qualified and experienced network of beauty experts at their home, resort, or hotel. It’s perfect for weddings, Mother’s Day, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and quinceaneras and other occasions.

“The GSL serves as a beauty agency for customers,” Terah explains, noting that the task of arranging various beauty appointments is handled for the customer. “We are a one-stop-shop and that’s one of the many things that makes us unique.”

For 2022, the GSL introduces its latest services menu. From Thursdays through Sundays, the Lounge is open 24-7 for in-lounge beauty wellness services in Malibu. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, exclusive, private, premier partnership members can privately enjoy the Style Lounge and indulge in a full suite of the team’s beauty treatments and hair services. The lounge is open for group and private rentals.

Beauty, wellness, art, and fashion. . . It’s all here at the Glamifornia Style Lounge, a genius concept created by the popular Malibu hair salon! Let us help you shine and curate your own style. Call or Text to arrange an appointment at 310-456-8459 or to learn about our beauty concierge services in Malibu. Check out this article on the Malibu Times!

GSL will be expanding to the Santa Barbara-Montecito area.