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Carol Beavers

Carol BeaversCarol Beavers is a photographer and a transformational life coach. She specializes in boudoir, editorial photography and empowerment.

She believes that you are the art in your own life! That art is a powerful tool that can be used to heal and transform.

By bridging her two worlds together she created The Ignite Experience. The Ignite Experience is a transformational healing photographic experience that invites you to fully step into your essence, embrace and love all that you are.

Her mission is to support as many people as she can to feel empowered and strong while supporting their path within the self love movement.

After spending 20 years on the east coast, she has spent much of the last two years traveling and shooting boudoir for hundreds of women from all around the country. She has seen first hand the powerful work that can happen with creating a transformational healing space for others. She has recently settled in Los Angeles and is excited to be finally making Southern California home.