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Christy Rudner

Christy Rudner has more than 40 years of nail care experience, specializing in the integrity of the nail, nail bed and surrounding skin, cultivating and maintaining their optimal health and beauty.

Christy was trained in providing acrylic nails in Las Vegas by her mother Norma Williams, a pioneer in the nail care industry who provided nail services to Liza Minelli, Diana Ross and Ann Margret, to name a few, for their films and personal appearances.

Christy has worked in Malibu and surrounding areas for 32 years and has a large celebrity clientele, including Pamela Anderson, Diana Ross, Norman Jewison, and Cyndie Lauper. Nail care is not only a passion for Christy, it’s the ultimate self-care. Treat yourself by indulging in Christy’s nail service par excellence!