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Dr. Michael J. Maguire

Michael Maguire, owner of Radiant Health, is a Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine having completed his Doctorate in 2016 at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles, California where he also completed his Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1995. Dr. Mike has close to 30 years of experience and has been caring for patients of all ages – babies to elderly – at his family practice. He is currently practicing in Agoura Hills and does Home visits in Malibu.

Dr. Mike treats a wide array of symptoms and delves deep to find underlying causes of dis-ease. Patients suffer with issues ranging from cognitive functions, fatigue, headaches to addiction and stress reduction. Michael specializes in a wide variety of disorders, including Pediatric ADHD, orthopedic issues around pain and muscular or skeletal conditions, digestion, immune therapies, constitutional facial acupuncture, fertility, gynecology, insomnia, post-concussion

therapies, injury and surgery recovery and “graceful” aging. The underlying belief that guides his approach to every patient is that Chinese Medicine gives the body an opportunity to regenerate and heal itself, even when it looks like it can’t.

Michael made his career choice soon after receiving a successful acupuncture treatment for a tendon injury he suffered as a competitive athlete. Like many of his patients now, he had seen a long list of medical professionals. With no improvement, he turned to a licensed acupuncturist and the results were quick and effective. Michael felt his treatments “tapped” into something inside his body that actually healed him. Realizing that he had experienced something incredible, he wanted to learn more. Since he was already committed to the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, it didn’t take long to make the commitment that one day he’d be able to do that for others.

A person’s physical structure and the stress in their life cause “stress” on their bodies. Working too many hours, not getting enough sleep, poor eating habits, environmental stressors such as chemicals, pollution, EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) and physiologic stress keep people from living full, energetic lives. Dr. Mike’s begins his assessment with thoughtful and revealing questions, often surprising new patients who say, “I’ve seen a lot of doctors and none of them asked me that.” If needed, traditional and non-traditional testing methods confirm diagnoses.

Drawing on the many tools he has, Dr. Mike has a knack for pulling together a treatment plan using a “cluster of methods” ranging from Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to Homeopathy, Guasha, Cupping, Food Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Amino Acids and more to get the best results. In addition to his practice, Michael served as Chief Herbalist at Ron Teeguarden Dragon Herbs in Santa Monica, California for more than 10 years. His comprehensive work with Herbal Consultations, Formula Writing, Product Development, Tonic

Herb Training and Technical Support for clients, healthcare practitioners and doctors gave him a deep insight into the healing power of Chinese herbs.

Michael’s passion to help people feel better is fueled with each successful treatment. He relieves pain so patients can get back to what they like to do, what they need to do. When he changes the trajectory of a young person’s life and improves their ADHD, the entire family wins. He helps athletes get back to the game sooner. He improves digestion and assimilation. Patients feel healthy and strong again. For Michael, pure joy comes when his patients feel better, function better, and can possibly live longer adding “life” to their years.

Doctors in Western Medicine are embracing acupuncture more and more for certain conditions. Michael sees momentum with younger doctors toward integrative medicine and looks forward to a time when there is more collaboration between MDs and Chinese Medicine practitioners. Chi

nese Medicine asks different questions. It’s been around for more than 2000 years. There’s a methodology to looking at symptoms and seeing a pattern that leads to the body rebalancing and healing itself.

Dr. Michael Maguire is licensed in the State of California and holds a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He is also a certified practitioner with The Institute of Functional Medicine. He graduated from Texas A&M University, with a Bachelor of Science degree. You can learn more about Michael and his services at