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Stephanie Lekkos

Stephanie is a certified sound healer whose passion is to provide clients with harmonizing, healing sound journeys using crystals & sound bowls so ancient wellness modalities provide relaxing yet invigorating sessions.

Stephanie immerses clients within sonic alchemy to awaken their insights and revelations. Her unique method provides a full-body, sensorial listening experience using aromatherapy and acupressure with sound healing instruments placed on and around the body. Stephanie’s twenty ancient and modern instruments help clients to elevate their frequencies using chimes, rain sticks, didgeridoos, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, gentle gongs, drums, tuning forks &more.

Enjoythelayeredsoundsofthosecalminginstrumentsandtheirsoothing blend of intuitively curated energy work.

Consider enjoying Stephanie’s morning sound bath with stretch exercises or evening alchemy sessions while listening to the Pacific’s healing waves – you will feel peaceful, uplifted & restored. Experience health, spirituality, goodness, wellness and awaken your inner beauty.