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Summer: 6 Hairstyles You Need to Try This Season

It’s officially swimsuit season and that means one thing: taking advantage of the warm summer sun. During these warmer months, you can find us laying out on the beach or cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway. Whether you’re a Malibu local or laying by the pool in the middle of the country, there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to summer: less is more. The drinks are colder, shorts are shorter and hair is lighter (in color and in length).

Summer hairstyles: Lady sitting at the beach looking into the cameraIt’s no secret that summer is synonymous with loose beach waves, blonde streaks and short bobs — and this year is no exception. When it comes to summer hair, if it’s not quick and easy, we don’t want it. After all, it’s too hot for hot tools and hairstyles that aren’t sweatproof. Summer 2020 is your chance to sport an endless array of braids and updos that are currently trending and being worn by your favorite celebrities this season. Here are 6 hair trends that are so in this summer:

This summer, as many salons remain closed due to the global pandemic, getting into that salon chair may prove to be rather tricky. That’s why salons like Glamifornia Style Lounge are bringing the salon experience directly to your home. Whether you’re looking to go short for the summer or lighten up your locks, many salons are ready to help you achieve your hair goals in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Bobs are Back, Baby!

Summer is the perfect time to make the jump and lose the length. While we love lengthy locks, long hair is better suited for colder weather. This is because long hair and high temperatures don’t play well together. Short hair is lightweight and low-maintenance, which is just what you want when you’re trying to make the most of your summer days. Sporting a short bob requires little-to-no styling and allows your hair to dry faster after a long day at the pool or the beach.

When you lose the length, not only does it help you stay cool, but it’s also a fresh start for your hair. Opting for a shorter hairstyle in the summer is a great way to get rid of dead ends and damage caused by months of heat styling and coloring. A short sexy bob is also a great way to make up for all the trims we neglected and can help your hair regain its health and strength.

Bring on the Bangs

When the bob is too bold, bringing in bangs can spice up your look without sacrificing overall length. It’s important to note that not all bangs are created equal, so it’s crucial that you find the one that best suits you.

A wispy bang can turn even the messiest bun into a high-fashion updo. When it comes to styling bangs, the possibilities are endless, and if the thought of styling your bangs every morning is a turnoff, then a medium length fridge is the option for you. This is because it’s long enough to pin back– out of sight, out of mind!

From the classic fringe to a full-body bang, if you’ve been considering bringing back the bangs you rocked in your early days, summer is the best time to try it.

Back to Blonde

Nothing screams summer like sun-kissed skin and hair. And while we can’t say for sure if blondes really do have more fun, we can say that blonde is always a great option for summer. Bleach or no bleach; during the summer, your hair will naturally lighten as you spend more time outdoors. This is because sun exposure kills the melanin in the hair causing it to lighten gradually. Just don’t expect the sun to give you the salon blonde finish you’ve been looking for. Instead, find a trusted stylist to get you to your desired shade of blonde without damaging your hair.

Softly painted highlights can bring dimension to your hair without dramatically changing your appearance. A handful of highlights around the face can instantly change your appearance without ever having to commit to a full head of blonde. When it comes to blonde highlights, a little can go a long way!

Beach Waves, Buns and Braids–  Oh My! 

Unlike fall and winter, summer hairstyles should be as functional as they are cute. When you’re sipping Rosé by the pool, a styled bun is as practical as it is fashionable. Keeping your hair out of your face and away from your neck and shoulders is the way to go!

Beach waves are staples for this season because they are as effortless and carefree as summer itself. Use a 2-3 inch curling wand to curl 1-inch sections of hair in alternating directions to achieve those perfect summer waves. You can also ditch the curling wand and opt for some heatless beach waves instead. Heatless waves require a little more prep work but provide the most natural results. The best part? Zero heat damage! To achieve this look, spray your favorite bottle of sea salt spray onto damp hair, braid, and let dry.

Speaking of braids, they’re making a major comeback this season. Braids are not only cute for every occasion, but they are also great for keeping your hair out of the way during these hot summer days. This year, the summer side braid is making an appearance and we’re here for it! The summer braid is both flattering and practical and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Today, hairstyles are about volume and texture, so if the classic braid is a little too clean-cut for your taste, shoot for a fishtail braid instead. How can we forget the dutch braids or “boxer braids”? While we wouldn’t recommend rocking the popular dutch braids to a job interview, dutch braids embody the spirit of summer. For us, boxer braids remind us of dancing around Coachella or playing frisbee at the beach.

Again when it comes to summer, less is truly more, so our best tip is to sport the dutch braids one day and enjoy their wavy aftermath the next day!

Malibu locals: listen up!

However, you sport your hair this summer, be sure to find the one that makes you feel the most confident. If you’re a local in the Malibu area or simply stopping by for a summer visit, let our team of stylists come directly to you. To book your appointment, call us at 310.456.8459 or visit

Summer hairstyles – In Closing

There you have it, there are the trendiest summer hairstyles for 2020, what style are you going to try next?