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Creative Nail Art and Styles

Nail art worthy for a museum.

Glamifornia is always on the hunt for the latest trends and creations from artists in Los Angeles and around the world. By bringing you our daily inspiration, you too can stay on top of fashion trends and feel inspired to create new looks. Your style is expressed through every pair of shoes, glasses, hairstyle, handbags, nails, and more. While last year’s trends focused on nudes, shape and length, this year we predict nail art will be about craft! Creative color combinations, textures, patterns and artists illustrations will paint nails of celebrities and fashionista.


Neon/Nude French Tip

Adding a gentle splash of color is a subtle statement look that we are obsessed with for spring. While longer nails are beautiful, they can be tough to maintain. This nail style makes shorter and medium length nails look sophisticated but bright. Perfect for spring, we can’t wait to try different shades of neon pink, orange, blue, and yellow for this manicure.


Color Highlights and Features

Add a playful element to your nails with color highlights and features. Pick a wide range of colors or a pair and alternate highlighting the nail tips and base. You can really get creative with your colors so you don’t have to spend hours at the nail salon trying to decide on a color. We also think using color in a traditional french tip would look cool with one color or a different color for every nail.

Marble Patterns and Metallic Decor

There is something about marble that is so pure and clean looking. We adored the marble phone cases and laptop skins, so it was no doubt that we were going to look this marble pattern for nails! Whether you opt for two nails or all of your nails in this pattern, chances are it will look good. Metallic stripes are another trend we have been seeing more lately. Add one or two stripes per nail for the ultimate look.

Stranger Things

Funky and unusual patterns that show patterns that look like planets, crystals, tie dye and the galaxies are the real show stoppers. With incredibly detail and technique, these nails are for those looking to do something different. Patterns can work on long and short nails.  You can also choose to do a pattern on only half of the nail, which is a nice effect.


Rain Drop, Drop Top

Although we can’t imagine Migos getting this manicure, we thin the name is appropriate. Gentle dots at the base of the nail is an elegant detail that would work for special occasions and affairs. Pairing two contrasting colors, this manicure is regal. Use neutral tones and oval shaped nails for the best results.