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Get Your Glow On This October!

Jack-O’Lanterns are not the only thing glowing this Halloween! Celebrate with beauty and fashion in October, the ideal time to transform your look. It’s all about dressing up in an amazing costume and, of course, eating way too much candy!  But also a time to play, explore and create a new version of ourselves ! Don’t forget the importance of makeup for your face, a necessary detail to transform your look this October! It’s also important to make sure that your skin is healthy & glows, so you look your best on All Hallows Eve and every day this Fall! 

As Autumn transforms our landscape, with leaves imbued with bright, warm hues, transform yourself with beautiful clothing and makeup. Who will you be this month? Autumn is the perfect time to play and experiment with bolder hairstyles and looks.

October is a truly special time of the year as it allows us to do things that we would never normally do. Whether you’ll assume the likeness of a classic character such as Morticia Addams or Catwoman, or you’ll venture into new horizons and don the costume of that character of Bezos in Space, Intergalactica stars, or Beth Harmon from Queen’s Gambit, it’s all about your inner glow! Light a fire utilizing your inner inspiration. Consider being a Gryffindor, a Ravenclaws, or a Slytherin – it’s all magical! Prepare to enjoy this year’s masquerade parties with your innate sense of jubilation. Get happy! Have fun! Recreate yourself! 

Not sure where to start? Peruse this wonderful Glamour article that provides a plethora of great ideas.  Jazz up your look with makeup so that your eyelashes and lips pop! Make sure your nails are in character – bright nails, inset with skeletons, witches and their brew help complete your villain or vampire vibe. Of course, ghosts and ghostlings imprinted on your nails help your eerie aura shout out, “Spooky! Booo!” Beautiful! If you’re looking to capture or intimidate, try claws with cat nails; to pout, try purple nails with accompanying purple lipstick; to entice . . . of course, you go with vibrant red! 

Have spooky, good-natured fun at your community’s haunted houses, hayrides, Fall festivals and Dia De Los Muertos events! Immerse yourself in the season’s celebratory vibe! Glamifornia’s October specials help you curate your own terrific spooky, sexy, sensational look! Be sexy! Be sassy! Be you! 

Create glowing skin that serves as the perfect canvas for your alluring image! Wicked hairstyles, special effects makeup . . . the opportunities to glow and shine are endless! No matter what your vision for Halloween & Autumn is, our makeup artists can get you there! Receive a complimentary skin prep session when you purchase a makeup session. Make sure that you get a flawless makeup application every time when you prime your face with our Face Dew by Madflowers ($50 value), now 50% off through October 31st!