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Terah Tidy at Buchella
Glamifornia’s founder, Terah Tidy styling Rachel McCord’s Hair

“Pop Your Shop” invited Glamifornia to BUchella!

Glamifornia was honored to be invited to BUchella by, Pop Your Shop to share this season’s current hairstyle trends at L.A.’s  top “influencer” event at the Rosenthal Wine Bar on PCH. Glamifornia was in full swing helping L.A.’s hottest influencers Glam it up for the Coachella weekend.  The weather was perfect, the people were stylin’, and the style was flowin’ with Glamifornia’s hottest artists at BUchella with the latest trends in hairstyles, braids, spray tans and lashes.  Glamifornia partnered with Easy UpDo® Extensions offering private sessions and a full day of prepping for the Coachella crowd.  Rachel McCord was rockin’ it with a personalized Coachella hairstyle by, Glamifornia’s founder, Terah Tidy, who is  a rock star in her own right!

If you couldn’t make it to “BUchella” for the styling event of the season you can still come to the GSL for the Spring Styling event on Sunday, April 22. Glamifornia will be showcasing the season’s current styles in: makeup, contouring, hairstyles, and the California Glamour. Join us for a day of style and Glamour at the GSL and then we will head over to Nobu for lunch….Glamifornia Style!