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Greet the New Year with Festive Nails

Ooooh . . . Yes! There’s nothing more exquisite during the holidays than a lady dressed to the nines, complete with perfectly coiffed hair and fancy, fabulous, festive nails. Glamifornia Style Lounge is your solution to a one-stop, totally terrific, glamorous looks. 

Greet the holidays with perfectly polished nails! Create brilliant patterns for your gel manicure. Our nail artists are ready to treat you to the latest techniques and trends, keeping you on the pulse and resonating with the latest fashion trends. 

Our artists leave your nails stronger and more stylish than ever, from simple manicures to pedicures and bubble nails, aka hump nails. Choose from a variety of colors and applications. 

The vogue this season is Bubble Wrap Nails ~ we find that darker polishes provide the most brilliant, beautiful, bubblish looks. Did you know that bubble nails are created by inserting perfectly prepared soap foam under layers of polish? Lovely! 

Try stiletto bubble nails and be a trendsetter! Consider extra-long shimmering silver nails ~ silver exudes luxury & class! Be beautiful with nails that exude bling! 

Vampire witch coffin nails are not just for Halloween – in the proper colors, such as brilliantly, bright red or glorious, glowing green, they are very festive and make your fingers look polished. . . and slim! Pop on a beautiful, shiny ring to complete the look! 

Check out Opi’s Confetti Ready polish, a glorious, glowing, glittering, long-lasting nail polish that will put you in a party mood. The look is perfect for all of your holiday occasions. Opi’s Paint the Tinseltown Red, a bold, holographic, long-lasting

nail polish is another superb choice that makes one shine at Christmas. Check out the many luscious options at “Manicure makes the man!” Elle Australia’s Mahalia Chang announced ~ “Harry Styles is the only nail-influencer I intend to be swayed by.” 

Chang noted that Styles has a habit of pairing his looks with an interesting manicure. “Under the polish-brush of celebrity manicurist Jenny Longsworth, whose clients include Rihanna and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Styles has crafted an M.O. of wearing two or three colors in his look.” 

Give the trend of pairing a couple of contrasting colors a go this season! Play with the idea – perhaps red & green or snowflakey white & silver. 

End the year with beautiful nails by experimenting with more than just color & glitter. Check out’s The 26 Coolest New Years’ Eve Nail Art Ideasnoting that there are many fun options, including velvet and pearl embellishments inset on nail shades of gold. 

Sparkly nails make spirits bright! Shine your brightest this holiday season – Get nailed at the GSL! Call or Text: 310.456.8459