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Hairstyle tips: How often should you cut your hair?

Many people always wonder how often they should cut their hair. Cutting your hair depends on the type of hair you have and you want. On average, hair grows about half an inch per month. Some hair can grow faster than others. At Glamifornia we’ve got hairstyle tips on when you should cut your hair. 

We’ve heard the standard rule of getting a haircut every six to eight weeks. But many times we want our hair to grow longer, so we think the best idea is to not cut it. In reality, the more often you cut your hair, the healthier and longer it will grow. It all depends on the length of your hair and what style you like.

Hairstyle Tips

Short Hair

If you have short hair, many experts say you should cut your hair every three to seven weeks. According to famous hairstylists, if you want to keep you hair short, you should aim to cut it every three weeks to keep it polished and precise. This is based on the hairstyle you want and if you want to keep it short or make it grow. 

Medium to long hair

For people with medium to long hair length it is essential cut your hair every four to eight weeks. Not only do you want your hair to be long, but you want it to look healthy! One of the most important ways to keep it looking healthy and pretty is to cut your hair constantly. When you cut your hair you should just dust the ends and touch up the layers. This will give it that glamorous and healthy look you want. 

At Glamifornia we will help you keep a healthy, shiny looking hair. 

Damaged Hair

For people with damaged hair, it is essential to get a hair cut every eight weeks. If your hair is prone to split ends and have chemical treatments done, it is important to get trims in order to keep it looking healthy. Cut your hair and reduce the damage. 

Curly hair

People with curly hair should get at most twelve weeks between cuts. Ideally it is recommended to cut your hair between six to twelve weeks, with anyone with curly hair. But if this is not possible, we recommend to cut it at most every twelve weeks. Hairstyle specialists say that curly hair tends to be more dry and crave moisture. Besides getting a haircut, people with curly hair should do moisturizing and hydrating treatments to keep the hair looking healthy and hydrated.