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Hairstyles For Men: What You Need To Know

Self-care is important for everyone! Glamifornia offers services anyone can enjoy. Our staff obtains the experience and knowledge of the trends to keep all our customers in the know. Glamifornia can tell you what you need to know about trending hairstyles for men, important vitamins, and men’s grooming tips.

Trending cuts and hairstyles for men shared what the hottest hairstyles for men were in 2018 and we have to agree. A lot of the trends contain a lot of hairstyles combining short sides and long tops. Below are some examples of trending cuts and hairstyles for men based on the hair length:


Disconnected undercut

French crop





Loose waves

Man bun with braids

According to Pouted fashion magazine; these are some of the color trends for this year:

  • Add highlights
  • Dark/natural roots
  • Platinum blonde

See anything you like? Come to Glamifornia and we can help you keep up with the latest trending hairstyles for men.

Important vitamins and products for men

Glamifornia has vitamins and products for sale that can help with thickening and prevent hair loss.
It’s very popular and important for men to take these vitamins in their 20s and 30s to prevent hair loss and thinning.

This dietary supplement is something that men should be taking for their self-care needs. It is created based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and contains a combination of super fruits and herbs. This dietary supplement is used to enhance one’s overall well-being and it should be incorporated in every man’s life.

This hair loss preventive kit contains shampoo and lotion that are both effective treatments to prevent hair loss. This kit can be found at Glamifornia. It contains plant stem cells that give natural balance to cells and reactivating the hair follicle’s metabolism.

Its fun to talk about popular hairstyles for men, but its never too early to take preventative measures to stop hair loss so you can enjoy these hairstyles for as long as you can.


This shaving kit is the perfect gift for any man if your life. Grooming and self-care is for everyone! The kit contains shaving cream, beard oil, after shave balm, and anti-age face cream. All these products are very beneficial to the condition of a man’s face when he shaves. They all contain natural ingredients that provide benefits that nourish the skin.

  • The shaving cream contains green tea and ginger extracts that leaves the skin fresh and soft.
  • The beard oil contains a combination of almond, grape seed, and argon oils. This ensures an efficient and precise shave and leaves your beard soft.
  • The after-shave balm contains peppermint extract, which soothes the skin and removes any irritation.
  • The anti-age face cream contains Brown Algae, which is full of antioxidants that produce collagen to reduce wrinkles.

Glamifornia also offers men grooming parties! This is ideal for wedding preparation where all the men in your wedding party can get mini facials, beard and hair grooming to have everyone looking sharp for the big day.

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