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Glamifornia Candles


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Product Description

All natural Coconut Wax – absolutely no chemicals like regular paraffin wax; phthalate and chemical free fragrance.

These candles come in reusable tins and contain clear quartz crystals for clearing and recharging your personal energy, protecting against negative energy, bringing harmony to yourself and your home. And the fragrance reminds you of an exotic combination of poppy seed and pomegranate flower. Indulge!

The 7.39 ounce candles are handmade in small batches.

  • Fragrance: Wildflowers and sea air
  • Mood: Coastal and bloomy
  • Top notes: Lemon, rosemary, red currant
  • Middle notes: Jasmine, honey, sea salt accord
  • Base notes: Leafy greens, geranium, amber
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1 review for Glamifornia Candles

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    Jessica S.

    I love this all natural, crystal candle! It smells amazing. I keep it in my living room to help keep my space feeling clear and calm.

    • Terah (Founder)

      Terah (Founder)

      Thanks for sharing your comment. All my staff has in every room of their homes. Great for travel although nobody seems to be doing much of that these days. A nice compliment are our Madflowers. Essentiel and sensual oils… and a gentle reminder. Get your Glamitizer . These are our summer must haves

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