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Glamitizer Soothing Sanitizer Spray


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Product Description

Soothing, empowering, purifying. Sanitizing. Excellent for a quick spritz or to cleanse your hands. Feels cool, leaves skin soft. The fragrance refreshes your outlook and suddenly, you’re transformed. That’s the power of essential oils fused with alcohol. Every day, all day. Your day is about to get glamitized. Available in sexy 1 oz spray vials.

– High ethanol alcohol content distills down to 65–70%. The CDC  recommended percentage to destroy viruses and germs. Alcohol-based sanitizers are preferred over soap and water.

Added hydrogen peroxide acts as an antiseptic.

– Oils, a must in any Madflowers product, soothes, smooths, and transforms.

To Achieve Ultimate Sexiness: Spray generously across your hands, face, mask or space to kill and disinfect germs without drying your skin!

“Just like my keys and wallet, the Glamitizer never leaves my purse. Sanitizing doesn’t get more luxurious than this”

– Maddie Madflowers

80% ethanol alcohol, trace hydrogen peroxide. Contains a Madflowers blend of clary sage, peppermint, vetiver, lavender, and clove oils.

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