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Mad Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil comes from India and is infused with CBD Oil for anti-inflammatory benefits.

Moringa Oil is used for skin brightening, moisturizing and help with blemishes. Buff into the skin and gently blend for soothing an healing benefits.

Layer with Madflowers Face Dew for ultimate luxury skincare.


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Product Description

Imagine your skin. Softer, smoother, sexier than ever. This is your skin under the influence of Moringa Oil. This exquisite oil from India forms the basis of our Madflowers Mad Moringa. It is infused with CBD oil for anti-inflammatory benefits. Other oils like Lavender soothe the soul while mixing with Frankincense to ease stress.

–Moringa Oil: Moisturizes while fighting signs of aging

–Frankincense Oil: Improves skin tone and elasticity

–Lavender Oil: Soothes and kills bacteria

–Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: Provides anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the appearance of irritation

To achieve ultimate sexiness: Buff skin and gently blend for soothing and healing benefits.

“Nothing makes me feel softer, smoother or sexier than this. This is my favorite post-shower ritual”

– Maddie Madflowers



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