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Winter Madness Fragrance


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Product Description

With rich notes of Amber, Frankincense and Jasmine, Winter Madness is an ode to the fresh-wintry outdoors. This new fragrance combines White Ginger Lily, Palo Santo, Mango, Blood Orange and Ylang Ylang to create a truly irresistible scent combination that leaves you and those around you wanting more. 

Winter Madness is a therapeutic fusion of ingredients, California-crafted and European influenced. This proprietary blend of essential oils is professionally sourced and artisanally focused on ensuring sensual wellness. This irresistible scent comes in a sleek 1 oz glass bottle.

To Achieve Ultimate Sexiness: Spray behind ears and other pressure points for a sensual scent that lingers all day. Wear alone or layer with your favorite fragrances.

For a fragrance that transitions flawlessly throughout the seasons, reach for Winter Madness

– Maddie Madflowers


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