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Self-Care Beauty Tips for Women

Self-care is not self-gratification; it is a necessity! Like a pet or a plant, the more care and love you give to it, the more it thrives in beauty and health. However, when it comes to self-care, it comes in many forms. Self-care often comes in the form of getting an occasional manicure, pedicure, or massage. However, it doesn’t stop there! It goes much deeper than the surface; it is a way of living that prioritizes your physical well-being and mental harmony. Read on to find some of the best self-care beauty tips that will nourish your body appropriately and do wonders for your self-image!

Exfoliate Your Skin

The first and foremost need of self-care is to exfoliate the scars rather than hide them. Getting rid of dead skin cells is incredibly important as it makes room for healthier skin cells underneath.

While you can find some great scrubs in the market for exfoliating, there’s no harm in going for DIY scrubs now and then. Of course, there is also nothing wrong with getting a little help! Professional dermablading or dermaplaning is a highly-effective form of physical exfoliation treatment. This method is great for shedding dead skin with the use of a medical-grade blade to very gently shed away the surface of your skin, removing dead skin cells, fine lines and that peach fuzz in the process!

DIY Face Mask

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You can find various do-it-yourself face masks online, but the one that we especially love is a blend of honey, oats, and avocado. You can also try other recipes using ingredients you have lying around, and you are sure to find a hit. If you are someone who’s is not a fan of experimentation, you can buy a sheet or clay mask to hydrate, detoxify and restore. If DIY face masks are no longer cutting it, treating yourself to a facial is a wonderful form of self-care. Facials offer an endless list of benefits, including:

  • Helps treat acne and dark spots
  • Promote blood circulation in the face
  • Eliminate blackheads
  • Detoxify and rejuvenate the skin
  • Even skin complexion

Not to mention, getting a facial is an excellent stress reliever. However, face masks are not the only way to pamper your skin.  When it comes to your daily self-care, you cannot do without a gentle massage face massage after washing your face. That’s where jade rollers can be a winner any day! This centuries-old skincare tool stimulates blood flow to enhance your complexion and give your face a healthy glow.

Start by using the jade roller’s large end and massage your jawline, cheeks, and forehead in an upward motion. Next, switch over to the smaller side to give attention to the area under your eyes and the bridge of your nose.

A bonus tip is to pop your jade roller in the refrigerator for a few minutes before the massage. With this wonder trick, you can safely bid farewell to puffiness and fluid buildup under your skin.


Pamper Your Hair

Taking baths is of those beauty tips that get the most attention when it comes to self-care tips online. Baths are certainly a good place to start with many therapeutic benefits. But as you soak your worries away in the bathtub, why not give some attention to your hair as well?

Just as a face mask is used to hydrate and nourish your skin, a hair mask can do the same for your hair.

Treat your locks with a blend of mashed avocado, eggs, honey, and oil, or you could go for repair remedy balms or oil therapy masks available in the market.

If you have never heard of detoxing your scalp before, we’re here to reveal that using shampoo and conditioner might not be enough for your hair. A scalp detox is a great way to up your game in a self-care routine. This type of detox deeply cleanses your scalp to refresh and help you get rid of buildup.

You can also find detox shampoo and conditioners that can do the job just as well. Gently massage the product onto your wet hair and scalp and rinse it with lukewarm water after a few minutes.

One of our favorite forms of self-care is refreshing our look with a fresh cut or color. Getting periodic trims is one of the best forms of self-care because it boosts your confidence and helps keep your hair looking and feeling great. Getting a hair cut can help:

  • Help prevent split ends.
  • Improve natural hair texture
  • Hold its shape
  • Boost your confidence

Loosen Up Those Stress Knots With a Body Oil Massage

Fewer things in the world can be more gratifying than a good body massage. The good news is, you do not always have to pay a visit to a masseuse for this important part of the self-care routine. Though if looking to treat yourself, we always encourage leaving it to the professionals.  You can take some time out and indulge your senses in a relaxing self-massage right in the comfort of your home. A body oil massage stimulates the blood and lymph flow in your body to boost skin nourishment.

A bonus tip is to warm up the body oil in the bath or a hairdryer to ramp up the benefits. You can also go for aromatherapy massage oils to give your senses an extra treat because when it comes to self-care, extra pampering is key.

Get a Meni/Pedi

Sometimes, a foot bath might be enough to get some stress relief. Research shows that foot soaks can help relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality a great deal. Paired with a gentle foot rub, not only will it help you sleep better, but it will lower the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). So, try this self-care beauty tip to soothe those tired and rough soles. A great way to get a foot soak in is by getting a pedicure. Not only is it great for lowering your cortisol levels, but freshly polished toes are also a great confidence booster!

Who can forget the hands? A great manicure can be just as effective as a pedicure in boosting your confidence. We’re firm believers that nails are a form of self-expression, just like your hair. So go ahead, express yourself!

Incorporating these self-care beauty tips is all about addressing your personal needs to find a rewarding balance in your life. Unusual times like these, especially, require extra care to uplift your image and help you feel more confident in your skin. It has been tough for everyone alike to get through these strange times. But tough doesn’t have to be untended too. So, how do you reboot yourself during a pandemic? Your definitive answer is self-care!