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2021 Summer Hair, Summer Vibes and Styles

Summer Vibes and Styles start with your hair! Summer’s sizzling days beckon one to step out and step up with new locks for the season.

This Summer, there are enticing and exciting choices. Braids are back in a big way! Long or short, cornrows or boxed, loose or laddered, natural hair or extensions …. braids are all the rage. From Margot Robbie to Bella Hadid, fashionistas are rocking thin plaits as well as thicker, defined braids.

Bella Hadid

Consider trying Malibu Native Gigi Hadid’s “bubble braids,” an early aughts-inspired look that resembles a braid, sans all the fuss. For a sneak peek at product recs & how to recreate the look ~ complements of LA-based hairstylist Laura Polko.

As with any hairstyle, tips to help you keep the look are always welcome! To ensure that your braids remain fresh and smooth, sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear a satin scarf ~ Cotton pillowcases are hard on hair and can toughen your hair cuticles, causing dull, frizzy hair. Instead, check out Morning Glamour ~ a standard pillowcase for smoother skin and healthier hair. When in Malibu, check out Glamifornia Style Lounge’s custom towel that protects hair as it dries. Not in Malibu? GSL ships internationally!

Try another popular look.

Try another popular look – The face-framing updo, a throwback to the early 2000s ~ Check out voluminous updos like Megan Thee Stallion’s as she rocked the Grammys this year, scooping up three awards (Best New Artist & Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for “Savage,” featuring Beyonce). With her hair beautifully created by Kellon Deryck, Meghan’s glam team decided to frame her face with a classic updo with dangling, dazzling tendrils.

To achieve the look: gain some height at the top by curling your hair before pinning it back and ensure you have two loose strands of beautiful curly locks on either side of your face.

When hitting the beach, there are lots of fun styles to try this year. Add texturizing or sea salt spray to dampen your hair and let it air-dry and. . . Voila! Your beach wave look will be perfect!

Another stellar option ~ Balayage ~ pronounced “baa-leee-ahge” – is a technique where a stylist hand-paints highlights. Balayage has swept this year’s red carpets as the process provides a natural, sun-kissed look to your hair, reminiscent of youthful days lounging on the beach. The etymology of the term comes from the French word ~ “balayer,” meaning to sweep. Painting on the hair creates a more natural-looking highlight effect that, according to Desirae Blais, Blush Beauty Boutique’s Senior Stylist, “allows for the pop of brightness, while still keeping the hair looking natural.”

Balayage is customized – placement, graduation, and color are based on one’s hair color, texture, and length. When stylists take into account one’s skin tone and natural base color, balayage can help every client achieve her own unique look to highlight or soften her features.

Super Sensational Summer

With these fashionista looks, you’ll be ready for all the fun! Check out all the wonderful beauty accouterments and products at ~ a shopping boutique like no other where you indulge in California glamour.