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Summer’s Sizzling, Sensational Swimwear

Bodacious, beautiful & bold ~ those in the know hit beaches and pools in 2021 sporting a myriad of marvelous swimwear sensations, rockin’ their bikinis for a sexy, sensual beach-going and swimming season.

Some are emulating Bella Hadid’s playful & relaxed vintage tankini, a look harkening back to Jazz-inspired times. Others are opting to sport this year’s trendiest asymmetrical silhouettes, Retro halter-neck looks, and to-die-for, tie-dye, high-legged cropped looks, as featured in delightful designs by Mikoh & Ookioh – Ooh la la! 

Leopard prints, Safari patterns, back-scarf ties, playful & tantalizing, titillating twists and tassels all interplay with off-the-shoulder cuts & audacious bursts of color, complementing juxtapositions of purple, orange and versatile, vivacious, vibrant hues. All those newest styles highlighted the dazzling decolletes & beautiful bodices that graced the Summer-forecast runways. 

Peek at an-on-the-pulse swimwear fashion show here. There, you’ll see how swimsuits are only a preface to a full beach & poolside wardrobe – fierce models sport beautiful Bohemian, drop shoulder & free-flowing, mid-calf cover-ups. 

Chiffon is in! Glittering, glorious sequins are in, as are crocheted sleeveless tunics! Whether you’re svelte or plus-size – it’s all about style & creativity and being daunting & daring as you curate your own special look. Check out the exciting, escape-ready wardrobe that’s at Intermix Exclusive’s vacation shop. 

As you Step into Summer ~ An array of gorgeous espadrilles add to your intrigue ~ view’s Sun Burst series & its Limoncello Slippers and other selections in the series that add levity & luxxe, yet a casual flair to your look. 

Beach bags & other accessories augment your coordinated, cutting-edge style. Consider the vibrant & original patterns from @Artifylife, featuring The Malibu Pier Collection, offering totes denoting Malibu vibes. 

Sexy, statement-making sunglasses add to your allure as you bounce on the beach or pool scene. 

New shades shed light on your presentation and this year, eye-catching selections perfectly accent the season’s bold looks. 

Check out the square-shaped rims & tinted lenses on show at Butrym’s collaboration with Linda Farrow, featuring Japanese titanium and/or Italian acetate, creating a perfect balance of functionality & design here

Another option: Chanel’s pearl-string sunglasses can render you beguiling & bejeweled. But then again, Anthropologie’s beautiful iteration of that concept costs a spectacular $28.00. 

No trip to the beach is complete without a Glamifornia beach towel. Use it on the beach, to dry off, or wrap it around like a sarong. Either way, it’s always stylish.