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Sunless Tanning Tips for Summer

Who isn’t after that perfect, sun-kissed, summertime glow? With sunless tanning more popular than ever before, we are here to provide the best sunless tanning tips for summer.

It’s not news to you that UV rays are super damaging to your skin. Your dermatologist (and mom) are always getting on you about slathering up on SPF, and of course you will thank them in 10 years. But all that ‘screen isn’t helping your summer tan. That is where the magic of a good spray tan comes in.


The Best Spray Tan in LA

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If you’re in Los Angeles area, you absolutely must come into the Glamifornia Style Lounge to get your sunless tan for the summer. We use an organic, streak-free formula, that actually smells amazing and will give you the glow-iest dark brown hue. Our professional spray tan artist will airbrush you by hand, no machines around here. Airbrushing gives you the ability to add contour to your face or definition to your abs. Our formula actually lasts longer than the leading unnatural spray. Book your appointment with Glamifornia here, we promise you will love your new glow.


Sunless Tanning Tips for Summer at Home

If you have a big event coming up and want that added oomph and luster, we have the perfect product for you. Our MadFlowers Body Bronzer will enhance your skin’s natural glow with a blend of oils and henna extract. Henna will give your body that coveted bronze look, while rose oil hydrates and leaves you smelling amazing. Simply smooth on your skin and enjoy that picture perfect summer sunless tan. Just glisten and go, baby. While you here, check out the rest of the MadFlowers line. We have a breast elixir, a lip potion, and a face dew.

Sunless Tanning Tips For Summer: Pre Tan

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A good exfoliation routine is an absolute must for summer. The added heat and sweat will leave your pores begging to be scrubbed. Dermatologists recommend to add at least one extra exfoliating session to your routine during the summer.

Exfoliation is also key to an even sunless tan. The night before your spray tan, scrub up with your fav exfoliator, shave, and then post-shower be sure to apply a layer of moisturizer to avoid dry spots. The hour or so before your tan, rinse off again and make sure your skin is free of oils or lotion. Boom, you’re spray tan ready.


Sunless Tanning Tips For Summer: Post Tan

Right after your tan, you will notice that you are darker than you had probably hoped for. This is just the bronzer that the spray artist uses as a guide. After you shower, the guide will rinse off and you will have a natural looking golden brown. Wait at least 8 hours to shower, swim, or sweat. Try not to cry in those 8 hours too, trust us, tears streak. But if it happens, def Venmo request whoever made you cry for the cost of the tan (plus some $$ for emotional damage). Keep your skin super hydrated from your first shower after your spray. This will make your tan last longer and will nip any uneven fading in the bud.

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So ladies and gents, there you have it.

Wear SPF, swear by sunless tanning, and pick up a body bronzer.

Happy summer from Glamifornia Style Lounge.